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Ebony curls fall softly about her shoulders, her delicate voice calling out greetings to each person encountered. Five-year old fingers  fan feather-like, tracing my face, tickling my lips, brushing my cheeks, as her gentle hands distinguish my form. She knows the wind  as it blows through eiderdown tresses, hears the rumble  of distant thunder, tasting   raindrops from scented   spring drizzle.  Giggling with glee, she grasps my hand, eager to dash across dampened  grass; cane tap-tapping to the rhythm of the rain.  She inhales life; her essence as fresh as the blooming begonias bordering the cobblestone path.

Copyright © January 2003 Debbie L Fischer

Additional Notes:
This is about a little girl I currently work with at school and this is a memory of a day we got caught in a rain shower at recess time. She is an inspiration to me.:)

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