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Long Distance Message

There`s a messsage that I`m sending to you From my thoughts, my heart, my soul Traveling down this lonely road tonight The road is long and winding Embracing Like our love once was There`s a storm thats raging out there Somewhere in the sea of love My heart is cold and nearly frozen And it feels like I`m losing this fight There`s a message I`ll be sending to you A message in a bottle When it reaches some distant shore And they read it  Then you will know I love you even more There`s a storm that raging Somewhere in this sea of love And there`s a message I`m sending Down this long road of heartbreak tonight I`m not going to loose this fight No matter what my friends may say I look back on those days  And all I can do is smile The road is long and winding And I`m a long way from home Tomorrow brings a new dawn, a new day Maybe by then you`ll have my message And then you will know...

Copyright © January 2003 Michael Bird

Additional Notes:
I wrote this one while on a 20 + hour drive to a girlfriends house,and somehow I knew deep down inside that it would be my last visit there. so hey! it`s a new year, new roads to travel, new horizons to see. It`s great to be and feel alive again! cant wait to get in my dually diesel pick up and travel again,new poems to write and all of that good stuff that life confronts us with see ya soon!

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