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After the Casa Mia!!

I saw you looking at that mock Italian waiter!                                                                          It always comes back to that                                    Sooner or later! All dark and tanned Muscles rippling under his too tight White "T" shirt.                                    Here we go again are you calling                                    Me a flirt! There he was with his oversized phallic Black pepper mill                                    You jealous bastard you're just                                    Over the hill! Bet if he asked you would twist it for him                                    God you are really that stupid are you                                    Really that dim? When he said "would madam like a liqueur?"                                    You're right he could have had                                    Me there on the floor! You with your sambuca "Do I blow before I suck?"                                    Get here you horny bastard do                                    You fancy...................                                    Your luck

Copyright © January 2003 stephen g skipper

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