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Winter Wisdom

My days still pass each other in the night; Yet seasons' changes fail to lengthen light. Wintry days all bitter, bleak and cold Remind my brittle bones that I've grown old. Mind captures scenes of otters at their play, Cavorting wildly through their endless day; Overshadowed by the lonely indignation Of hulking, sleepy bear in hibernation. Forced to drop the rules I used to measure Youth's long idle summers spent in pleasure; I sit by hearthside's glow of ebbing embers. My heart seeks wisdom, while my mind remembers. Time left to mend;  before the ending Winter's fast Blends into splendid Spring; neither meant to last.

Copyright © January 2003 Drenda D. Cooper

Additional Notes:
BBBrrrrrrrrr!! It's cold even here in S.C. We had 3 inches of snow this week!!! Second year in a row that we had snow...even if it only lasts a day or so...Some kids reach the age of puberty here without ever seeing it for real...

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