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Trumpets Pour and Bassoons Weep

                                                                                                             "The music in my heart I bore,                                                        Long after it was heard no more."                                                                       William Wordsworth Notes from unlocked throats infuse blue strains  while orchestras provoke with lucid sounds, a clatter of sundry parts intrigues our brains. Brave polyphonies bounce off ceilings, walls;  parallel tones mate with plumbed harmonies,  and untamed clarinets howl in symphony halls.  Oboes obliquely hide while bassoons weep; nothingís exempt from passionate mockeries. High-ceilinged horns awaken us from sleep.  Trombones sing, no longer concealed, brass tapestries' rhythms at last reveal: Gustav Mahlerís trumpets pour his grief.

Copyright © May 2003 Joanne M Uppendahl

Additional Notes:
Was "And Trumpets Pouring Grief." Many thanks to Darlene Moore and Mell Morris.

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