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As the morning mists lifted         from the mountains, And the flowering plants pervaded the cool air (the scents of you and them mingled to intoxicate me) I knew my epiphany,      more so as I continued      to climb. And as you slept, I contemplated  the mountain        Was lucid, but a moment, only to return to that waking         dream... I dared challenge my own heart, as I trudged farther along the steep path And I knew peace        Even if only a glimpse,        A flash, but a moment,             a memory still...          I knew peace ******************************* Hadn't the sun awakened you? Hadnt' you noticed it gently        part the clouds and        warm away the rain? As the gentle sounds of the  water dissipated, the forests came back to life, Hadn't you noticed? ******************************* And, as I wandered           (wondered) Found my own stillness here,          only to hold it for          myself. But, as I awakened from that stillness, I noticed           I'd unwittingly given it to you!

Copyright © June 2003 elizabeth m casey

Additional Notes:
this piece was scribbled down after spending a short weekend in the beautiful mountains of southern Tennessee. i hope you all enjoy.

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