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Tears Gone By

From the swirling blue mist o'er the verdant fields of grain The piper played haunting and lilting to the core He faced East towards the heather as the sun rose, and if you were close enough you'd have seen the tears mixing into the soil The time was 85 years ago In a similar pasture he stood facing the West towards the new land It's time to go Colleen. I hope ye follow soon. She never did (follow) For it was at that time  millions fell to the scourge of the epidemic The notes are now louder and stronger His arm pumped the bladder, his foot stomped out time "To My Wee Bonnie Lass"

Copyright © June 2003 arnie s WACHMAN

Additional Notes:
This is in tribute to the aprox. 50 million people world wide that perished from the (Spanish) Influenza of 1918. It is said that between 500,000 and 650,000 Americans died. The greatest amount of deaths occured in India.

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