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And Your Point Is?

Listen up Listen! To all you self righteous pompous assholes out there that donít have a clue what I am saying. What makes you think you are so right about anything? Whoa just a sec hereÖ You telling me there are no pompous persons here? You telling me that you (or I for that matter) are better than others? You. You over there with your Uzi, and you over there with your macheteÖ Just who the fuck do you think you are? Are you better than the man next to you? What gives you the right to kill him? Oh, Oh I hear you. You were brought up poor. Your land taken away. So you think you have the right to steal that manís wallet. And you Ė do you think youíre Godís gift to humanity? You Ė who has waged war and spent billions doing it. What gives you the right to be the policeman of the world,  and send thousands to their deaths while you live in that Ivory Tower called the White House? I CANíT HEAR YOU. I canít hear you while thousands upon thousands of your    own citizenís go hungry every night, no health insurance    and those that sleep on the cold sidewalks or bushes While you, yes you, eat four course meals and ride around in  fancy cars! Oh yes, I hear the homeless crying for shelter. I hear the impoverished crying for a decent place to live. I hear the uneducated wanting a tuition free education,    and a better choice and chance that you once had. So Ė what makes you better than us Mr. President? Time to account for yourself. Time for a chance to see who you really are Look out to the ocean and hear the screams across the water These so called terrorists were last yearís freedom fighters!

Copyright © January 2004 arnie s WACHMAN

Additional Notes:
Okay...bring it on. I know I'll get flak for this. But so what!? It's my point of view. Sometimes I just get so angry over the current state of world affairs, and this is my way of expressing it. At least I dare to do so. I know that there will be those of you who suggest this is not poetry, but I say, so what? Look up the definition of poetry then.

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