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The Runners' Spirit

Two freshmen; timid, scared Step up to the call of the Track They venture into the art labeled running, They have started down a path, No turning back. Two coaches; experienced, encouraging Push them down the Track They guide them, motivate them, inspire them To always run the race To win, even if you come in last. Two sophomores; wisened, ready For running, they reach for more; 3.1 miles more they attain exactly, and this is called the conquering of Cross-Country. The longest race, against yourself. Two coaches; smiling, yelling Watching the slow improvements Always there with the right words To make the worse race seem worth the running. To make you be a better runner,  A better person. And the Years go on, and the runners grow In mind and body and soul As the spirit of running becomes a part of them. The spirit of hard work, of determination,  Of never giving up, of finishing the race,  Of being the best you can be… Of having a good time… Two graduates; timid, scared They venture into the world They don’t look back, But so much goes with them, So much from just two coaches. They don’t look back, But so much goes with them, So much from just two coaches.

Copyright © June 2000 Melanie E. King

Additional Notes:
I wrote this as a tribute to my coaches as I graduate...I want it too be really good for them.

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