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Woman, in a Cage

Woman in a cage Try and set her free Bonds still on her arms, her legs Her mouth…she’s walking about, But still the slave of slaves. Woman in a cage Think you know what freedom is? You never will; You paint your face and dance You conform to the expectations Of Men. You go through life working ten times harder With ten times less reward Woman in a cage Wake up and see your restraints See the bars around you See the limits you put on yourself Walking in those high heels... Woman in a cage Cook, clean, sew, labor Bear the domestic yoke, Where is your credit? Go through life, Impress a man... Wow, what an achievement. Woman in a cage You are stronger than you know You pain your face and dance You wear high heels You secure your slavery. Woman, go free.

Copyright © June 2000 Melanie E. King

Additional Notes:
This was inspired by a John Lennon song, so the phrases "slave of slaves" and "paint your face and dance" may sound familiar. I give all credit to John for those powerful words.

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