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What I Am

Hold me closer starry night Reveal your wonders to my mind Open up the shivering caverns Of my soul that searches, clinging To what I know and have yet discovered. Cleanse me of those preconceived perceptions I stand vulnerable, naked, to your gripping embrace Iíve seen the darkness of the sky But have I looked into my heart, The shadows, oh, the shadows Oh, the horror. Let me consider gloomís eternal lessonsÖ Iím naught but filth myself Righteous rags of dirt consume me Luminous moonlight dimly shines Casting stygian reflections of my heart. Oh God, protect me from myself I canít go through this life alone. Milky galaxy fades away into day Sunlight chases the dusk into inferno And clear blue sky glorifies my future Iíve seen the brooding gloom  That seeks refuge in my heart And I, in turn, Seek refuge in a Savior Who forgives, who redeems, who sanctifies And I, through Him, Am saved by grace.

Copyright © June 2000 Melanie E. King

Additional Notes:
This poem is about my personal experience with spirituality; when I discovered my sinful nature and decided to do something about it. I don't think this should offend anyone because we all have our personal experiences even if they are through different religions are no religion, know what I mean? Oh, and I was also a little inspired by Joseph Conrad's book, Heart of Darkness. In case someone doesn't know, Stygian means dark. Oh, help me with punctuation, please!!! thanks

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