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Holden Castle

In and out of Holden Castle above the bluffs of the Bay of Marie The sporting dogs and pampered ones are awaiting the feast of the red moon Their howling, barking, and whimpering invites the cold blood of the fallen prince welcomes the dead who are still living ignites the purulent sores of all poxes The bitter night has aborted the day darkness has expunged the light life isn't even worth a memory love was never once a thought Forever is as forever always was nothing, absolutely nothing In and out of Holden Castle only extinction exists In and out of Holden Castle among pastures greened by rain and sun The serfs and other animals to be slaughtered also await the feast of the red moon Their toils and mischief are ridiculed by the hideous laughter of the fallen prince by the enslaved angels of malevolence by souls too scared to live The captured luminescence of the day lights only what was never was The spirit was never thought to be conceived The strongest faith merely a diversion Nothing is here or anywhere eternity, absolutely ephemeral In and out of Holden Castle only annihilation exists In and out of Holden Castle removed by forests and deserts the plagues we are and have created await the feast of the red moon Their virulence and infectiousness are natural to the desecrated bowels of the fallen prince to the unsanctified writings of buried canons to the corrupt prayers of corrupt saints No more darkness, no more light only the mediocre and apathetic That is the life we choose to live and by that we will all be damned Existence is as it always was existence, absolutely nothing more In and out of Holden Castle only the fallen prince exists In and out of Holden Castle without God, there was never a King

Copyright © March 2012 Medard Louis Lefevre Jr.

Additional Notes:
Grandiose and ugly, but in me. Marginal sanity allows the latitudes to sway.

This Poem was Critiqued By: Mark Steven Scheffer On Date: 2012-04-07 00:00:44
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Medard, Holden. Wasn't that the name of the protagonist in Catcher in the Rye? Doesn't matter. The way "Holden" fills the mouth and satisfies the taste buds it's a fitting name for the Castle. This comes from a neighborhood that is dangerous and honest, devoid of pretension. My side of the tracks. Nice. MSS

This Poem was Critiqued By: Ellen K Lewis On Date: 2012-04-06 02:39:10
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
I like it! I'm struggling to get my mind around it all. I was swallowed in the depths of despair, and somehow feeling enlightened. It was great until: The captured luminescence of the day lights only what was never was I started stumbling after that. Forgive me if I am wrong here. It feels like you started to lose perspective and maybe resolved to something lesser. (Like you hit 'a bump in the road' ?) only annihilation exists ... only extinction exists.......only the fallen prince exists In and out of Holden Castle without God, there was never a King Yes, grandiose and perhaps ugly to some. But also applicable truths can be found there: unsanctified writings of buried canons souls too scared to live we choose to live I like the way you brought everything 'in and out' of Holden Castle. Simple and straight, a perfect picture without too many words. Ive enjoyed reading this. I would like to sit near this castle and observe the festival from afar.
This Poem was Critiqued By: James C. Horak On Date: 2012-03-18 10:20:27
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 9.30000
Medard, the same design in nature we see so perfectly exampled is in our senses to do right by each other. That Supreme Standard is with us although nurtured by some, and revolted against by others. If it weren't there would be no struggle, no fears of Heaven and/or Hell. Science on earth is now dead in the water, kept there in service of corporations, governments and their military to prevent any such progress and revelation that might threaten the status quo. Secret keeping would not have become a major industry if this were not so. Your poem reflects this sad state of affairs and opines the loss of that Supreme Standard, God. As we further traverse down this eroding path, so many gains that have been made based on such standards have crumbled. In our decline we are, "in and out of Holden Castle". Indeed. The merit of this poem is enhanced by its message, concern for mankind, and imagery that parallels well with the evil forces at work today. A poet can function in no more noble way than to be harbinger at times like this. For that reason I will vote this poem #1 primarily due to such poems as this having become so scarce on TPL. That may be my bias. But I own up to it. JCH
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