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Music and the Blue Glass Horse

  While I beheld the blue glass horse  at two, I watched the way light's luster touched its aquiline curls. The arc of the horse's neck called me softly. The intervals from there to here, from awakening to diminuendo seemed a momentary pause-- now multiplied by many decades. I feel pulled towards the stars again as if I'd never left. A dip, much joy, and sorrow's clasp; yet much more   is still to be. My coda's yet unwritten.

Copyright © July 2016 Joanne M Uppendahl

This Poem was Critiqued By: Joe Gustin On Date: 2016-07-13 14:02:00
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
As always you never cease to entertain this reader. The observations you made at two sets the stage for the writer you were to become. The first two stanzas are so delicate in their description as to inspire some possible paths for future poems.From a blue glass horse to the stars was a beautiful ride for this reader. I can only look forward to as yet, unwritten

This Poem was Critiqued By: Lora Silvey On Date: 2016-07-10 02:45:47
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 1.00000
Joanne, thank you for sharing such a delicate and delicious poem with us. You give pondering a whole new meaning. Your verbiage conjures images that delight the mind, a special astral journey...exquisite. Your offering was most enjoyable, nice to see some of your pennings again. Best always, Lora
This Poem was Critiqued By: Tony P Spicuglia On Date: 2016-07-09 10:35:30
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 1.00000
Joanne, well said. I find myself reacquainting with the stars and constellation. For most my life there was a superior interplay with them, and my soul. I could look towards them, absorb them, fantasize about reaching them, and still function subsequent to the rise of the sun. A sort of, “natural high”. Having been a “gods” aficionado at a very young age, the sky means much to me. Your piece, as I have experienced in my old age, captures for me the inclination of watching and dreaming. Of Pegasus, (I had to refresh my knowledge) I can’t say I have had a specific emotional bond, of horses, always. I will have to be honest and tell you the (Zeta, Xi, Rho and Sigma Pegasi) was unknown to me, but the constellation was not. Now I can dream with you. On an unrelated, but somewhat related topic. If you search for “horses in the sky” there are a lot of pictures of horse shaped clouds. Also a search for Blue Glass Horse online will yield glass sculptures of the Pegasus. It made me wonder if you had an actual figurine to match the stars. I had fun with all this. Interesting and fun. Once again, you have moved me. Of the Coda: I hope there are many more movements for us both, both in the sky, and otherwise. Your use of the music to feel the image is refreshing. Thank you Joanne, a nice journey for the morning.
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