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Merry Christmas Mom

Mom, you used to say “Hey, don’t do life that way. Stand up tall and love who you are Reach out and touch your star”. Mom, you told me I could do it all You said, “If you have a fall Wipe your pants off and restart Always keep God in your heart. “ Thanks mom for the great memories Thanks for guiding me over the rough seas Thanks for all your love and care Thanks for letting me know you are there. You are my angel at my side I shout out with pride “I love you mom and God has you now I know I can speak to you anytime – WOW!”

Copyright © November 2000 Dawn Anne Hall

Additional Notes:
You have not heard from me as I have been recovering from an operation in which they took the stitches out to soon and left me with the Grand Canyon in my stomach. 3" wide X 3 1'2" deep X 9" long. Ouch! It has not vecom smaller. Praise the Lord! Merry Christmas to all of you!

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