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My Friend Mary

Mary Elizabeth a dear loving soul, Taking care of loved ones, your only goal. You've catered to them for very many years Sharing with them great smiles and lots of tears. You deserve a chance to be treated like such; Accepting love like you've given, by your gentle touch.  It's time to let go and have someone do for you What you've done for others for whom you loved so true. You may think your task on earth is almost done That's where you are wrong, 'cause now you're number one. You have friends and family to share your time with These are real people, they are not just a myth.  Knowing you have questions, like Lord why is it me? When you get to Heaven then you will surely see. The Lord has His reasons for which we don't know  He loves us very much and sent Jesus here to show. This invitation is for you to accept what others will do, We are little old buddies and we all still love you. Mary Elizabeth I'll always be your friend, From this day forward until life's joyful end.      

Copyright © January 2001 Charlotte Ann Donovan

Additional Notes:
This is to a friend who just lost her mother in Nov. 1999, her son in Nov. 2000, and will lose her daughter just anyday now, and she is in extremely bad health herself. They were all she had to live for, she claims. I know she feels like giving up but I hope she thinks of herself as number one for a while. After retiring approximately 10 years ago, the health of all her family has been a burden on her. Her committment to them was all she had left in life.

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