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Garden Of Eden

                                                                          Adam, father of us all, ate an apple... took a fall. Then from Eden God made leave, with our mother, sinful Eve. Mother Eve she grew quite fat. Cain and Abel she begat. Cain than followed mother's path, slew our Abel with his wrath After taking Abel's life, wicked Cain soon took a wife. If the three were mankind's sum, where did Cain's good wife come from ? If you count then you can see that Adam, Eve and Cain make three. Something's rotten to the core, when all at once they add to four ! How I have it figured out... I can't be sure... I've got some doubt. Cain and wife... they shared a mother. She his sister... he her brother Cain and wife soon up & leave to bear the fruit she must conceive. Don't be smug for by their lust, the fruit they bore must have been us ! Where did you think that we came from? Fairy tales and sugar plums? Grow up good man , that's pretty lame! Our roots stem from incestuous Cain.                                                                                    

Copyright © January 2001 William G. Cross

Additional Notes:
First, let me say that i know this poem is going to raise a few eyebrows! There are a lot of good Christian people at this site & i would like to think that I am one of them. However, i ALSO like to think i have a sense of humour & this piece was written with tongue-in-cheek:) I poke fun at US...ALL of us, including me, so please don't be offended by what you read here. Thank you & I hope if it DID raise your eyebrow ever so slightly that it ALSO managed to make you smile just a little :)

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