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A Diamond of Unity

They're all here, my love--passions' elusive keys-- intertwining, carelessly--my secret diary of desire-- within the riddle of these words, waiting for you-- Listening, silently, for your gentle words to completely relinquish my hesitation-- Longing, privately, for your playful tenderness to softly sweep away my fear and the day's stress-- Yearning, constantly, for your warm, passionate kiss to open tonight's erotic page to our delicious drama-- Desiring, fervently, for your fingertips' caress on my skin      to arouse and awaken every facet of my feminine senses-- Looking, perceptively, into the full face of your desire to see my image reflected in the mirror of your eyes-- Revealing, intensely, tonight's burning flame of desire, rekindling, suddenly, from embers of yesterday's torch-- Surrendering, completely, to the circle of your arms-- Dancing, erotically, to the sweet melody of your song-- Moving, willingly, to the steady tempo of your beat-- Changing, continually, with the fervor of our bodies-- Responding, passionately, my whole being yields to the pleasure of our perfect movement of oneness-- Creating, momentarily, a 'diamond of unity'-- dazzling, brilliantly--a prism of dancing colors-- Sparkling, radiantly, reflecting the fire of love!

Copyright © January 2001 Karen Ragan

Additional Notes:
I doubt anyone will guess who wrote this one. It is very different from everything else I have submitted. Actually, I wrote it for my husband of more than 30 years--the only love of my life. He often complains I spend too much time at my computer with my poetry (pouts, you know) I wrote this for a personal Christmas gift for him to let him know the spark was still there, if he wanted to take the time to ignite it. He was very delighted with my presentation, and I will leave the rest to your imaginations. I hope the dashes will not be too distracting. They were my idea to symbolize the continuing thought and passion throughout the poem. I just couldn't see any periods. I saw the continuing thoughts as facets of my "diamond." Enjoy!

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