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Hey subconscious! No more hiding, I see you. You, who answers every question With a clue. So, c'mon out.  There are some fences You can mend. So, stop your hiding. Join with me, and be my friend. I feel together, There is nothing we can't do. We'll solve whatever, Me the thinker, you the clue I used to think it very odd. I sometimes thought that you were God. I sometimes thought you were a fraud, I wasn't right. I really know that you're my friend. I know my trouble's at an end. I know together we can blend, Into insight.

Copyright © January 2001 JAY D. SAVITZ

Additional Notes:
I often refer to the "poet inside of me" - my sunconscious. This 30 year old poem, came before that realization. In fact, this poem was that realization.

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