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In Her Dreams

An Angel,  As she sleeps... Lightly, I kiss her tiny, little cheek. Softly, I sweep the fallen strands of hair, ...that now lie upon her closed eyelids. With my fingertip, Gently, I touch the tip of her nose. ...So peaceful, as she sleeps... ...So safe, she should be. Where no one, should be able; hurt her. No one, should be allowed; touch her; violate her innocence. She is merely a child.  She is still a baby. Yet, I wonder. ...Who’s there with her; In her dreams? ...What are they doing? And, is it him; ...The one who took from her? ...Has he came back again; In her dreams? What goes through her mind; she sleeps? And, unlike reality. ...Was Mommy able to protect her; In her dreams?

Copyright © March 2000 Carla Marie

Additional Notes:
Do you ever have the feeling that you've made a mistake somewhere, but just can't seem to find it? Well, after several spell checks, the only error that was shown, was the word, Mommy, although I am not making that specific change. So if you should find any other errors, please bring it to my attention. Thank you. ~Carla Marie~

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