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Into The Pool of Night The Swimmer of Light Leaps

For Gregory Corso -  Arrived                - March, 1930 Left the Planet        - circa 1950 Left this Life's plane - January, 2001 Into the Pool of Night the Swimmer of Light Leaps The City Lights with a tightness and brightness of  San Francisco streets where we did meet once upon a slippery melting sidewalk just before the subway steps that looked away to Dixieland your hand in my glove reaches the point of no  return and I will, you know, return your glove, that is, when, someday, soon, I  find  it or you.

Copyright © January 2001 Gene Dixon

Additional Notes:
Gregory Corso was one of the "Beat Generation" poets of the 1950's. Of him, Allen Ginsberg once said, "He's probably the greatest poet in America..." The title of this poem is a direct quote from Gregory Corso's poem, "Mutation of the Spirit" "City Lights" is a reference to the City Lights Books - a San Fransico publisher where the "Beat" poets first found print.

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