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Lovely Thee

Lovely as  Lovely be, Lovely surely  favors thee And lovely as  lovely be, thy lovely doth  so capture me How lovely so  could Lovely be? What is lovely  more than thee? Oh, Lovely, kindly  pardon me, but Lovely couldn't  christen thee For lovely as  Lovely be, lovely surely came from thee

Copyright © January 2001 Adam Bentley Eckels

Additional Notes:
Interpretation: stanza 1: personification of Lovely - Lovely favors my beloved stanza 2: lovely expressed in terms of beauty - both internal and external; reaffirms stanza 1 stanza 3: "Lovely pales in comparison to my beloved, who's the loveliest of all" stanza 4: "it's therefore not possible that Lovely (and, thus, lovely) existed before my beloved" stanza 5: "because my beloved, alone, defined 'lovely'." Regina has helped me realize that the capitalization of every line is just not necessary, and I have to agree with her. The "so" is just positioned for flow - that part of the stanza means, "how could Lovely (personification) be so lovely?" which leads into "nothing's lovelier that you! (not even Lovely herself)." It also presents an archaic form of sentence structure, to complement to the archaic "thy," "doth," and "thee"s. Finally, I don't normally like periods in a poem unless it's absolutely. I feel the capitalization of each sentence successfully delimits each sentence, and the insertion of periods would over-"prim and proper" the work. Thanks for all of your critiques - this poem has evolved nicely. It didn't occur to me until now, but this makes a nice Valentine's Day card greeting. Anyone want to buy it?! $$$!!!

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