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         The soft sense of presence       Shines from within the hands of god,      While sparkles whisper the waves of time          Of timeless reflections of you.       The view of silencing perfection       Upholds the freedom of expressing     The thought that goes through my mind              Whenever I sow her.         The bells of ticking clocks       Ring with echoes of remembrance         While I wondered so haplessly          Through her ever deep eyes.               The soft rhythm of beauty           Shined from her endless eyes         While I looked into them and wondered         If there's a place for me inside.            Your touch touched my soul           but your heart said it all       she told me that the time has arrived           to fade away through the night,               my heart was broke             and my hope was scared.             I only wanted to hold onto             those eyes where they belong          In the deep bottom of my heart,        Where angry clouds began to thunder,     While painful tears fell from down under,               With no one to notice,                And no one to care,           But someday a tree will grow           With seeds of upcoming dreams,      For which will fill all the emptiness             That once ruled there,              And then…just then,      The fruit of hearts can be collected,      Revealing the story that goes on and on.                                The way to heaven         is through the door step of hell          A road I know so very very well.                

Copyright © March 2001 housam majid jarrar

Additional Notes:
This is my conception of what it feels like to feel deeply about someone but at the end discover these emotions where never shared,it may sound pathetic to some but to me it sounds like a dream that went wrong.

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