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For I am MOM

For I am MOM hear me roar I can cook, clean  And be ready for more I can change dirty diapers And peel gum off the floor I can deal with tantrums In the middle of a store For I am MOM canít you see With my magic kisses  I can cure anything From cuts on the hand  To scratches on the knee To pinched little fingers And falls from a tree For I am MOM I see it all From spiders and snakes To little green frogs From a broken arm  To outright brawls To marker and crayon drawings All over the walls For I am MOM donít you know I wouldnít miss a day Of watching them grow There isnít any money And itís hard at times But thank you God  For making them mine

Copyright © July 2001 Melissa Ann Budahn

Additional Notes:
I was inspired by my three sons. This poem has a sing song rythem to it. Best if read fast. I capiptalized MOM to add to the effect of what a mother has to go through raising her loving children. I left out punctuations on purpose. Also capitalization of each beginning line is done intentionally. I beleive that any Mother and Father can relate to this poem. I hope that you enjoy.

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