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Dreams Coming True....

She was just a young girl Around sixteen or so. She lived with her mother, Her father’s presents was unknown. He future was a dream Yet still so far away. Until her life was turned around One very special day. Her stomach grew larger and It moved around a lot. Her dreams were now coming True right there on the spot. The father left her As soon as he found out. She figured she could raise Her baby with him or without As time grew closer She was more scared than ever, This was going to effect her life From now till forever. She headed for the hospital The pain was just too much She whimpered and cried With every single touch. He heart was filled with joy, Her mind was filled with fright. While she pushed and pushed And strained with all her might. In her arms was her baby boy Who she held close to her heart, While she whispered to him softly “I love you and we shall never part.”

Copyright © May 2000 Melissa Ann Budahn

Additional Notes:
This is a true story about myself. I became pregnant at 15 and had my first child at 16. The father of my child left me when he did find out about it.. I stuck it out and quit school. Now my son is going to be 8 in October and he now has 2 other brothers and a great step dad.. I myself went back to school and received my Ged when I was 19. Now that I see my son in baseball, and living his life to the fullest I thank God, my mom and myslef everyday for sticking through life with my son. Please note that I intentially capitalized the first letter of every line even though it is not at the beginning of that sentence.

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