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The System

What an angry web we weave filled with hate and pain then we cry for justice for the criminally insane they plea bargain for a lesser stay and to the streets again to rob, and kill and rape Just how do we win but it is the system that we created feeding killers on death row and no matter what happens now the list of victims continues to flow if convicted why does not the sentence ever fit the crime for the suffering of those who are betrayed still bear a heavy burden on their mind if they hurt a child, they should be eliminated so as not to inflict this misery again if they kill, they should be treated the same not keep them like kings in the pen well this is just one view and harsh though it may be just how much rehabilitation in prison do you really see? TEA BV 5-5-00

Copyright © May 2000 Tom Atterberry

Additional Notes:
Not what I normally relate to, but I feel strongly that criminals are not given just punishment for their crimes. and it is the victims and their famalies that really suffer more.

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