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A Cry for Life

                       After months                     of waiting prayers                 and hope a precious life              was given stirring emotions          beyond words and unarticulated yet      Even the poet’s heart with all its depth    and grand grasp of glorious life and living        love and loving and all of its bright         brilliant scope of passion and every                 emerald facet of emotion                       is left speechless                          at the sight                                 of                           tiny toes                       perfectly formed                 Struck numb and dumb                   by a tiny flailing fist                      fighting furiously                       unseen enemies                           with cries                            unheard                                by                            millions                             who are                              crying                              dying                                 I                              watch                             in fear                                as                               his                              future                            is shaken                           and rattles                             unheard                               I cry                                too

Copyright © September 2001 Dianna Recod Woodhams

Additional Notes:
Written for a beautiful baby born of love three days before the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by hate and plunged the world into war and suspicion against his fellow man. The world changed the day this child left the hospital. He will never know the freedoms his parents knew. Will the war be over by the time he is old enough to fight? Will he live to see that age?

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