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Internal Answers: Gate One

The sky turns to another day Dark clouds pierce the light My eyes seal tight and decay My vision is reason not sight My hands reach out for a solid pile But the only thing concrete is me My limbs fade like dreams of a child My voice is stolen, no longer free The wisdom I sought floods my head Words of another realm embrace my mind I place myself into a bottomless bed Forever intangible, The Realm of the Divine Peace overwhelms my only sense that's immortal Time is left to those who are Dying Knowledge aged in leather is one portal To The Realm where steel-laced answers are lying

Copyright © January 2002 Andrea Rose Johnson

Additional Notes:
I've been swamped with work for awhile but here is a new poem that I'd love to get some comments on. I've placed punctuation where I felt it necessary, so please do not hound me over that. I plan on writing a few mor poems entitled the same but with different Gates...1,2,3 etc...please look for those. This has to be one of the most symbolic pieces I've ever written and I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I'm the type of writer that sits down and everything that even passes my thoughts is placed on paper into...well...this. Please comment. Thanks

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