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The snowflake touched her face. She had watched it, this special one as it fell softly sailing down, down, down... She placed all focus on it drifting, dropping from heavy-headed clouds high in the grey winter sky. She had watched it, as it floated lazily, feathery down, down, down... found its destination and sat there tenderly, for one suspended second. She felt it, as it turned into one single tear, slipped slowly, silently down, down, down... her wee sorrowful face and gave her permission to cry.

Copyright © January 2002 Nancy Ann Hemsworth

Additional Notes:
This poem was written for a young friend that recently lost her grandfather, and felt she had to hold her emotions in tact for her grandmother,but after the service in the church yard as the snow came down and wet her face, she finally felt she was allowed to cry..

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