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He he he

I don't dare I don't share flowing blaring flaring blare squarely barely gauze because hi ho hi ho hi ho I don't know do I glow when I go to the show G I Joe? (Kill. Kill.) I know know I don't don't I won't won't won't because won't be gauze won't be pause jaws flaws paws cause won't be laws laws of physics bysics, risiks Kill! Kill! laws of you why you? why why why? what to buy in the sky from saint peter from saint john john the baptist john the john john the jester john the sister Kill! Kill! sis boom bah bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Kill! Kill!

Copyright © January 2002 Egon H.E. Lass

Additional Notes:
Are you ready to follow me over the edge? Eh??

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