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                     Gay in America                 Another soul is 'outed.'                                    Standing alone, as it were,                      Before the world                    Betrayed, devastated                Mourning the loss of family                  Friends and livelihood.                       Bearing the pain of                   Humiliation and scorn          Because of who you are, your lifestyle.               At present choosing solitude                   Rather than judgment             From those self-righteous souls            Damn! What are people thinking              When they sit themselves up                   As judge and jury                Who do they think they are                     To destroy a life                  Sitting in conndemnation              To mock, to laugh, to devastate                     Another person's soul.                   Don't they understand                     One has no choice                    God made each of us                    Just the way we are.

Copyright © January 2002 Robert E. Woodley

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