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Quality Time with Grandma, 2002

“Open the box.” That’s it? One bag and one little pack. They’ve got to be kidding! “Tear the little package.” Well, this one won’t be exploding onto the heating element. Won’t even get near the oven for that matter. “Now the bigger one . . . That’s right.; dump it right in.” Hmph. No measuring, imagine! No sifting, no drifting through the air to light on cabinets, stove and table. Not even a respectable dusting on my hands or apron to show for it. “One cup water.” Next thing you know, they’ll find a way to put that in there, too! “Close the lid.” No mixing, kneading, timing, testing. “Now, push the button.” “Gramma let me help her make bread! I got to push the button!”

Copyright © March 2002 Dianna Recod Woodhams

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