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I've planted myself in being-aloneness While longing for the awesome blossom Of being-withness. Often the bridge accesible Now obliterated from my hungry senses Pull-force to hide. Confusing map to buried treasures Dizzily disorientated Merely blonk-bumping into myself. No solid ground in view From my vessel with tattered sails At sea in cold, cloudy waters. Wisp of a darkened cloud Separated from any celestial forms Never a way to attach and belong. Diminutive person-form: Wishing to be of noticeable substance? Or completely, everlastingly invisible?

Copyright © March 2000 Marj Westendorf

Additional Notes:
Hyphenated words claim poetic license for descriptions of state of feelings (especially "being-aloneness"; "being-withness") or for onomatopoeia ("blonk-bumping").

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