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Let go of claims to "All is fine," Just to please the other. Too tangled the once green-grow vine: Life seems unworthy of its bother. Courage to eyeball the knottiness, To deal with a death-brown, To face the cancer lifelessness: Life expects a visionary clown. Ever a paradox in self-deification (If the human is enough awakened), Such sad-serious soul determination: Life laughs in the myth of a "forsakened." Shed foliage toasting the underground, The balding shines in reality's shift. What of shame becomes sane and sound: Life glows truth-gold to ponder and sift. Whether the other in shadow or light, Signing approval or my condemnation, "The Human Dance," each with ticket right: Life loathes to seal us in isolation. 

Copyright © March 2000 Marj Westendorf

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