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Hey Thanks For reading this, My name is Patrick. I'm 21 from Maryland. Started getting serious into poerty about a year ago, stacking up quite the collection. Hopefully someday I can have a couple published. I only write rhymed verses, I just find it much more of a challange. Until, I found the web site, I really didn't care much for unrhymed peoms. Always respecting the poets preferences. But after reading a jillion poems on the Link, i've become a little more appreciative of unrhymed verse. I'm still working on Haiku, sorry guys. I'm really looking to become much more educated on Poetry. So feel free to go on tangents with any comments or critiques. Personally, I work full time and go to school part time (engineering). I'm a very spiritual person, most of my poems are in prayers. And thats about it. Thanks again.

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