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I am a wife, married 42 years, to a wonderful, handsome, and loving husband named James. I am the Mother of three (3) beautiful daughters,, all married. The Grandmother of five (5) fantastic and loving grandsons; the youngest in first grade and the oldest one year out of high school. I started writing poetry when I was 15 and I've been writing ever since. I like to tackle short stories from time to time. I like spending time with my family. Visiting relatives out of state. I enjoy Swimming, bicycle riding, playing with the grandkids,playing games; pictionary, cards, slots, etc.. .Doing the things that make life enjoyable. I have been at the Poetic Link since the new site started and I have learned a lot from the other poets and critiquers here. I have made some dear friends as a result of being on this site and I appreciate that very much. . :o) Thanks for everyones participation and helping one another. Keep Writing and Reading.

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