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My goal in joining the link is simply this: To become better acquainted with poetry by reading as if I were writing each poem. It may seem strange, but the process of reading is instructive, because one begins in uncertainty and drives towards understanding and experiment. I see all poetry, most especially my own, as still in-the-making. There is a certain amount of trial and error in this pursuit. My aim is to aid other writers in the process of aiding my own work. I have a scientific background, and interests in the philosophy of science, pen and ink drawing, and horticulture. I love the use of specificity in poems. My favorite music is by Phillip Glass. Stephen Hawking is my hero as I admire his quest to answer the question of Einstein's about whether God had any choice in His creation of the universe. I admire Hawking's posit that we live in a universe with no edge, no beginning or end in time.

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