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I have been tinkering with poetry for several years about actual experiences in my life. These poems have served as a way to preserve some of those memories, acting as a journal in my mind. I do not have enough original material in my imagination to make such things up, so everything I write about is as true and as accurate as possible. I write mostly of hunting and fishing adventures with friends and family, because those are two of my greatest loves. Basicly, that is where I spend most of my time and the subjects I know best. I enjoy being in God's playroom somewhere, with my flyrod, bow, shotgun or my rifle in my hand. Often, my only and mightiest weapon is a pen and my notepad!! Some of my work is from the rather humorous side of fishing, hunting or of life in general and some is 'dead serious'. Sometimes, one might begin reading and have no idea where it is leading or how it might end!!! (But, like that infamous box of chocolates, take what you get!!!) Up until I started flyfishing about 15 years ago, no one even knew I held a fondness of poetry, nor did I realize it was so strong. Not until I began to share those adventure stories with fishing partners and saw their enjoyment of my written accounts of those incidents we'd shared, did I feel comfortable enough to allow others to read my meager poetry. I soon thereafter, discovered it was as easy for me to write those short stories in verse, and they seemed to have more lasting impact. Since that time, I have accumulated over 150 poems of the outdoors that someday I would like to have published. I have entertained the idea of building a web-page to display the three books which I already have written. (My biggest problem is the net is so new to me....and I'm still having trouble hooking up my vcr alone without a manual!!!) During this past year I have had four poems published in four different hardcovers. Perhaps someday soon I might post them here also. Among my collection of poems, however, are many others that would not fit well into those 'outdoor' books. I like to write about friends and/or even strange characters from my past. God and I both know there are many of those, escpecially given the fact I also own and operated a gun-shop and archery range for 9 years. This appears an excellent place to display a few poems and have them evaluated 'fairly' by intelligent 'working' poets. I have never written for evaluation before, only for the enjoyment and a way of expressing myself. So who knows where this might lead? Certainly, to new avenues to yet be discovered and I am looking forward to that educational experience. Having been involved in law-enforcement for better than 30 years, I know I can not please everyone. Only one half of every argument will be happy with the outcome and the other half left upset. Therefore, that being said, I can only hope 51 percent of the readers find my 'varied' work enjoyable. Anymore than that would be a big bonus!! Please tell me what you think, but thank you for telling me what you 'honestly' think! Jim

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