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Uhhhh...*tap, tap, tap* Ok, I guess this thing is on. Hello all! If you've found yourself here then I guess you either want to know a bit about me or are really, really lost. Since you are probably among the latter, Iíll try and make this quick so that your done reading this before you realize that you probably donít care *hehehe*. Well, Iíve always had an interest in poetry as one of many creative outlets. Though it was a certain English teacher in my final year of high school that seriously taught me what poetry was, and how it could truly be used as a form of art. I work as a graphic artist at the university I attend and do a bit of freelance web page design on the side. Of course this leaves me little time for my various plots to dominate the world, but thatís okÖI donít think I have enough of those little green cannons to go around anyway (-- remove lame ďRiskĒ joke here --). Iím also the president of the Japanese animation club I started at my university, working on an Asian studies minor and a communications major, love to play games, read good books, comics, manga, and am told I listen to the ďvoicesĒ far more than would make my friends comfortable. I write my poetry for myself. I do it help me sort out feelings, thoughts, or just simple contemplations that escape normal speech. I donít pretend to be a master. I never said my voice would change the world. Yet something about sharing the words and ideas that stain this canvas that is my mind is somewhat gratifying. I donít want to be flattered. I just want to be told the truth. Poetry is a reward unto itself, but to know that someone else heard, understood, and found meaning or enjoyment in your words is an affirmation that you have done your job as a poet Ė not just for yourself, but for everyone who cares enough to listen. Thank-you. Malcolm Rasmussen

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