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I am what some refer to as a "baby-boomer." I grew up in San Francisco,Calif, and did a lot of traveling in the sixties and seventies. I began writing when I was about 12 yrs. old,and have been writing every since I believe poetry starts in the mind and heart and that it is an expression of our deeper essence or soul if you will. Sometimes just a word, phrase or image, can trigger this gift of writing poetry and prose,and in less than 30 minutes it's written. They just seem to flow naturally. from deep inside.Some call it inspiration, others simply call it the's that pool of images,feelings,thoughts and experiences we all carry throughout our lives.This 'feeling'is where all my poems start.But can a poem exist without it's form? Never. There is always a way of putting words toghther which express the poet's feelings and ideas; better than other ways of putting words together.It's the job of the intellect in this process to shape un-formed desires, feelings,or ideas; and, after the poem begins to take shape, it is this intellectual part of the process for which the poet needs to know the best ways of of shaping words to make the poem.It is not just a momentary image. If it were, then every teenagers diary would be the sonnets of Shakespeare. All poets[or the creators] know that after creation, [if it is to be a poem at all] that they must move into the critic's study, so to speak. Which word goes here? How does this word sound next to that one?What would happen if this line were moved or that word were replaced and used instead?Every word is weighed and measured,until the poem gains form.This is where my poetry begins to live and breath. It is like giving birth.Only another writer or poet can truly understand what I am trying to say.It is the creator, not the critic who has the last word, always. For poetry is life; and life is ultimately something that can't be measured and controlled by any critic. It's the critic's job not the creator's.I look foward to meeting and sharing with my fellow poets and writer's and critic's. Poetry is like the flowers and the critic is the vase. They compliment each other. Webster's Rhyming Dictionary has helped me write this and other things in the past, but I love the way Samual Coleridge said it best; "Prose is words in the best order. Poetry is the BEST WORDS in the best order." I hope this has given you some small idea what kind of person I am as well as my reasons for joining poetry link. As for my gift or my writing abilities? I eagerly await your critiques and comments! Write on! [no pun intended, remember I grew up in San Francisco in the sixties.Love and peace to all .....Marcie Kellison-Fort

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