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I'm forty three years old and I live in Australia. I work for ColesMyer p/l and study part-time at Uni (Science/Law)....I hope to change Uni's for 2003 and undertake Law as my major instead of my minor. I am married, no kids, but have three dogs, four cats, six chickens and a magpie, the latter being star in one of my poems! I love to watch the Bold and the Beautiful, as I have done since it started in 1986. As far as I'm concerned, when you work hard and study hard, some trash is a good thing! I am also addicted to American and British cop shows, anything on forensics, and love a good mystery! Writing poetry is not new to me because I started young, but I did not start writing the way I do now until a few months ago. I am finding this site to be the best I've looked at because the feedback is almost immediate. I am honoured to be among you! Cheers, Linda.

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