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I live in the country with my husband and youngest son. We are near a national forest and enjoy all the wildlife that wanders around our area. We are real nature lovers! I started writing poetry when I was about ten and for many years, didn't keep anything I wrote. Finally decided maybe I should accumulate it and see if I could do anything with it. It's been rewarding. Last year was the first time I was published on the Internet. Just small press publications before that. Reading is my favorite pastime, but also love to garden, cook, hike, camp, fish, do craft things, and I am a ham radio operator. I got my license about 12 years ago. Don't spend much time on the air-waves anymore however. I have enjoyed the site and all the people I've met there. There's not another site like this one, as far as I know. It's been great! Best wishes to all, Betty Lou

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