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I am married and a mother of 3 beautiful daughters ranging from the age of 10-20. I live in Michigan in the same city I was born in. I am also an RN in an area Burn Center. I started there as a new graduate back in 1977, as the unit was newly opening. I continue working there part time to this day. I have seen much pain but have also experienced many trimphs, working in the Burn Center. I have learned to walk a very fine line between my emotions and the technical part of my job. For many years I just buried those feelings or I would lose it at home, in not always the best way. Since I started writing about 6 years ago I have learned to constructively release alot of the mixed and painful feelings the job causes me to have. As a writer I often feel very much out of my element. What I have learned has come from different poetry forums where a few poets would take pity on me and help me learn. I have done minimal poetry reading in the past and in my school years I felt that anything that had to do with the English language really wasn\'t worth much of my time. *L* I was inspired to write by a talented young man I got to know on-line, who shared his poetry with me. He showed me a way to work through many dark parts of my life and am so thankful to this day for his friendship. Since I started writing I have posted on several different poetry forums, on-line and have made many new poet friends. I presently co-adm a poetry forum with a friend and do the web design on the site, Echoes Poetry Forum. Through my exposure on this forum I have been thrilled to have some of my work published in \"The Poetic License\" and \"The Black Creek Review\". I have won several on-line poetry contests and even took first place in one of the Blue Mountain Arts poetry contests only several months after I started writing. I am really enjoying my time at TPL and am learning so much about writing and the skill of critiquing. I would like to thank you for the generous welcome. You have made me feel very much at home. PS: I also have a personal poetry page if you would like to visit. If you visit please sign my guestbook and let me know if you enjoyed your visit.

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