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Hi, I'm Nicholas Andrew Evans and 12 years-old, but I'm called Nick by all my friends, so, just call me Nick! My birthdate is 12-15-87 and mom named me after St. Nicholas saying that I as her firstborn child, son, was her Christmas gift from God. I still wish she had have named me Jordan Nicholas and called me Jordan, but oh well, mom's get the choice, don't they? BTW, my mom is Kelly Evans who is also a poet on the Poetic Link. What else? I'll be going into the 7th grade at Bearden Jr. High School when August rolls around. I'm a principal list/honor roll student who is also a member of the National BETA club. As a honor roll student I'm also an active member of my school's Gift-n-Talented program and for the last 2 years I've participated in our regional Odyssey of the Mind. The first year that I participated I won a most grand award as an Outstanding OM'r, which most 12th grade students strive for years to achieve, so, to say that I was happy about that is an understatement. Last year I also received the Presidental Award for academic achievements. For the last three years I've won our School Science Fair Grand Prize and went on to regionals each year to place either 2nd or 1st each time. That was very exciting. I love Science. In addition, I'm a boyscout and will be an Eagle Scout by the time I'm 15, and I feel really great about that. I'm also a certified Life-Saver and a certified CPR as well. I play basketball at our community civic center and have made the all-star team for the last two years. Also at our community civic center, I played football of which I was on the starting line-up for both the defensive and offensive line, but this year I'll play 7th grade football at my Jr. High School. I've played baseball every year since I was 4 years old. If you can't tell by now I am a sport's nut! I love to fish, go swimming, go boating especially when I'm riding the 'rocket'! I'm a big sturdy boy, bigger than my mom, but she still rules the roost regardless of my size,,,her bark is a great bite. I'm about 140 lbs. and am about 5'5", but I'm not a pillsbury dough boy, I'm just big boned and rather stocky with muscles. HAHA Generally, people call me a peacemaker because mom has brought me up that way, but by NO means am I a 'sissy'-I just despise chaos period! While at the same time, I may turn my back on pettiness when directed at me, but when I've had enough the pest or bully gets the picture quickly, but I don't have to fight as my bark is as vicious as my mother's. During the last year I've began writing a few poems here and there, some with mom's help and some without, I love to write and have been credited by my teachers as being a great writer and an artist as well. I have a go-cart, a four wheeler, a backyard pool, and a brand new Mongoose bike that was stolen BTW about 4 days ago, so, these are the things that I do to pass time during the long hot summer days! I also have to help mom out allot considering some changes that has happened in her life during the last 2 years, so, I suppose I've grown up quite a bit,,,I often oversee my 8 year old brother and my 7 year old sister, who are both ring-tail-tooters! I've learned how to make pancakes, use a microwave for frozen pizzas like an expert, and I can whip up some mighty fine Rice-a-Roni! ;o} Although my life has changed allot with mom's health, she is still the mom who loves me and encourages me to be the best that I can be,,,even though she doesn't cook, clean, do laundry, and go as much anymore, she still makes sure that opportunities to better my life are always available and she supports me 100%, so, I guess I'm very lucky. Thanks to all of you for reading my poems and for your great critiques. As you see, I now have my own account and will try to post more and more poems to share with you. It's been fun being a part of the Poetic Link so far. Bye Nick

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