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Born, educated in public school, married, procreated three times, visited Southeast Asia, worked for a living, retired, went back to work, and write everything from borderline crap to pure crap. Can't say I like poetry because I don't know poetry. I don't think the great poets could define poetry, not that I consider myself in that league, but then it may not be a league I would be interested in joining. Never knew a poet who could get a triple double for a complete season, but Oscar Robertson did, so I guess have more respect for Oscar Robertson than Oscar Wilde, Oscar Madison, or Oscar the Grouch. I consider myself to be a moron and I am comfortable with that description, as I consider a moron to be one step above the "political correct", and two steps above the "moral majority" which are neither moral nor a majority. I am never sure of which of my known personalities is speaking at any particular time, and not sure I have even been introduced to them all. I am reasonably sure we are not all friends. I have one constant; I love "thepoeticlink" and the people who have taught "us" so much.

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