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I am new to your site and have been rather impressed by the way things are handled as far as cash prize awards for critiquing as well as featuring poetry on the site are concerned. I am originally from the big H - Town(Houston, Tx.) I have lived numerous other places while serving in the Department of Defense. I am a Desert Storm participant and survivor. I became interested in poetry at a very young age, ever since I was old enough to understand rhyming and stanzas. In the past, I have received inspiration through many sources for my elite verses that continues even today. I do not know what I am in for by submitting some of my verses to this site, however I am looking forward to honest responses from my fellow poets and critiquers. I know that when I review other verses, my comments will come from learned knowledge and heartfelt opinions. There is one thing that you must understand, I will not lie about your submissions nor will I candy-coat these reviews. I will be straight with you all and I expect the same reactions to my own poetry submissions. Other than thatI am truly glad to be part of this exhillerating site. Take care and God Bless. Sincerely, Kerry Elliott

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