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When I was a teen I wrote poetry and read poetry and loved it, like chocolate for the heart. Mmmmmmmmmmm! But there was so much that I wanted to do with my life. So I went out and did it and found myself too busy to write letters, much less poetry. Unfortunately, I also stopped listening carefully to my heart, and took care of business so well that my own needs were often neglected. When I started taking time to sit quietly and listen carefully, I started writing poetry again...as well as short stories and editorials. Here I hope to enjoy the work of others and learn from others. I would love to write for a living! Whether I write poetry or magazine articles, I'd be happy. However, at this time that is a dream. Here, with you, is my start in that direction. Oh, by the way...I grew up in El Paso, Texas at the foot of the Rockies and in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert. Along the Rio Grande are lush, irrigated farmlands and I played in them, too. Now I live in South Louisiana...swampy woodlands, small towns and sugarcane fields. Yes, I do get homesick at times. The people here are really ease the yearning for home. They are warm and friendly and can cook, mais yeah! I interpret for Deaf students in a public school setting(high school, this year)and I absolutely love my job. Nothing is more satisfying than interpreting Romeo and Juliet to a Deaf student and have her laugh just where I would laugh.

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