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Hi! First a little autobiographical info: I'm a 17 year old Senior in a small town high school. I am very involved in my school, through sports, academic teams, student council, and other student organizations. Outside of school I currently have a summer job at a Pizza place, am ACTIVELY involved in my church *to bring praise, glory, and honor to HIM who calls me from the darkness and leads me into his wonderful light*, and I like to have fun aka the normal teenager thing to do. Now, relating to Poetry. I love to write, and I have loved it for as long as I have known how. I don't claim to be a great poet, but I love the satisfaction that writing down my emotions, feelings, and opinions on issues in a poem gives. I nearly always write in free verse and depend on the cadence of the lines to pull it all together. Searching for rhyme, for me, seems to taking away from the exactness of the emotions and thoughts I am trying to express. I have a goal to be a writer when I *grow up*, be it a novelist, a journalist, or whatever. Writing is the passion of my soul!

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