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I am a retired technical teacher living in Perth, Western Australia I have been dabbling with poetry for quite a number of years, writing mainly work and family ditties, many of the work ones being cynical views of bureaucracy and "newspeak" It is only since late 1999 that I have written anything general enough to go into an open forum. I am not a lover of blank verse, and prefer my poetry to have both rhythmn and rhyme. My poetry topics are broad, as are the styles I have tried. I sometimes experiment with odd rhyming structures and hope to sumbit one or two here as time goes by. (I've first got to sort out how to get US money to the Poetic Link) I suppose my favorite style of poetry is the ballad, I have written several of these, a couple being VERY long. I have also tried a couple of sonnets with some success ( I had an ancestor who wrote quite a number of these - I have read them many times but dont understand them)

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