Michael J. Sullivan's E-Mail Address: michael_sul@hotmail.com
Michael's Personal Web Page or Favorite Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/michael_sull2/

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I like to read and write poetry, and I think of myself as a pretty blunt critic. Music is one of my favorite pasttimes, playing it and listening to it. I am a college student right now and am almost always available for private critiques or commments, just email me: michael_sul@hotmail.com Also, go ahead and visit my page and look at some of my poetry and say "See! Who is he to say anything about my work, look at his!" and I would hope that you would be just as critical of my work as I am of yours. How are any of us going to get any better if we aren't honest and blunt about what we think of each others poetry? Michael

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