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Writing poetry has been a joy for me for over 40 years. When I was in the Air Force, during the Vietnam War, it gave me a way to cure my homesickness. When at college, it was a comfort to relieve my stress. But I've never published. If enough people like my stuff, I might try that. My poetry moves across a wide range of topics and interests. Often I add puzzles, irony, humor, and social comentary on some of the difficult issues we can face. Often there can be a twist at the end of a poem. I try to avoid melodrama, self-pity, and other emotions that can ruin good poetry. As I was born and raised in Central Florida, I often write about that part of the country and its people. I am divorced (my ex and I did our divorce without lawyers and are still friends) with two kids (Nina and Sky) who are both in college. Although my degree was in chemistry, I have worked as a computer programmer since 1965.

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